Gold Rush

Teams use strategy and problem solving in quest to discover gold.

2 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
20 - Unlimited


The streets are paved with Gold coins!! Teams will collaborate and multi-task on 8 different levels simultaneously in an effort to discover gold, become abundantly wealthy and ultimately win the game! The treasure is limited. Teams need to retrieve a secret code and swap it for cash at the Claims Administrator (CA) following the correct procedure or the claim will not be processed.

Along the way teams can earn extra rewards by completing various tasks. Every 30 minutes a press release is issued. Some are freely available. Others are given behind closed doors to a paying audience. The information at these press releases offers your team a golden opportunity to substantially increase their wealth if you act swiftly.

Learning Outcomes

Sensational experiential learning experience which energises, excites and generates competitive spirit. All participants are on a level playing field thereby creating a compelling cross functional and top-to-bottom whole organisation team building activity.

Participants learn the value of business intelligence, planning & communication through this practical hands-on application. Planning their work, working their plan and avoiding the temptation to cut corners is critical! Mirroring the challenges and rewards of real business Gold Rush works just as well with a small group or a big group.

Related Testimonial

I highly recommend Gold Rush. I was a great way of practising strategic thinking as a team in a fun and fictitious game.


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