Brand National

Explore brand, mission, vision and values by creating a fictitious country identity.

2 - 3 hours
30 - Unlimited


Brand National is a creative and fun team building exercise that explores the issues of brand and identity by challenging delegates to create a national brand identity from scratch. Teams invent their countries based on a given set of national characteristics. Teams define and create elements that will identify their nation – a country name, flag, anthem, dance, and national dress. The event ends with a high-energy Eurovision-style show where each nation launches its new identity in a choreographed extravaganza with flags, song, dance and national costume.

Learning Outcomes

Like a nation, company mission, vision and values are the foundation of every organisation. Corporate culture, the beliefs and behaviours of employees are a manifestation of company values but is often implied not specifically defined.

Brand National is a great way to explore the importance of a company culture and how its influence extends far beyond the company logo to the behaviour of each and every member of the organisation.

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We loved Brand National. Its a lighthearted, amusing way of looking at how important our people are to our company's culture and success!

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